01 January 2030 @ 04:05 am
hi, my name is lily! i am a twenty-year-old girl from england~
my birthday is september 7th, my starsign is virgo, my blood type is o, my myers-briggs personality type is esfp and if i was in an anime i'd be the quirky side character who is always drunk.
i am stupidly obsessed with kpop, to the point where it's the only music i really listen to any more. when i'm not listening to kpop, it's generally punk-ish and pop-punk stuff because my brother is an angry punk with green hair

[personal profile] landlord is my unnie-oneechan!
my contact post is here!
i post icons at [community profile] megare! ♥

my blog is currently pretty empty, but I'm going to start blogging in the new year, so if anyone's interested in adding me feel free to comment here and i'll add you right back! I like friends ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Current Music: SHINee - Lucifer
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